Welcome to RRBC Fake News!

Since “fake news” is so popular these days, we’re introducing a game called “SO, THAT’S WHAT YOU THINK OF ME?” 

There are 10 questions below and out of the 4 choices presented for each, you must guess which member just might behave in this manner.  Now, the “fake news” may not fit the member that you select (although it just might), but the member who gets the most votes for that particular “possible fit,” is the one we will attach the “fake news” to.  After all the votes have been tallied, we will post one final question to include all the winners from the questions below for you to cast one final vote on.  The winner (the person who receives the most votes on the final question) will win a $10 Amazon gift card and a 3-day blog tour (courtesy of 4WillsPub) to promote their book! 

(Your votes will not be public).

So, let’s get started spreading our own ‘FAKE NEWS!’


(NOTE:  We’ve selected those members who are part of the pop-up, who we also feel have a sense of humor and will be tickled pink to be included in this game.  We didn’t have enough questions to include everyone, though, even if we feel that you would have been a good sport about it).




22 thoughts on “#RRBC #BooksBudzPopUp FAKE NEWS! #Game

  1. I think you could select four or five people for each question and still be right. RRBC members are nothing if not eclectic with multiple personalities. Otherwise, how could we create the characters we create?


  2. Haw! So I’ve been in the RRBC for almost a year, now. Almost all those names are familiar to me, and I have read at least parts of books by at least a quarter of them. I can almost feel the community knitting itself together.

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